Sunday, April 11, 2010

mcm mn pn...,

we always play hide and seek
find you anywhere that i can see
but i cannot find you anywhere
you scared me so i just runaway
(the beautiful blood issued from the wound
you hurt me from years and years ago
i have to carry a heavy load
lost opportunity makes the tide low)

i have found you over the river
but that is not you i've known better
i can't get beyond description
play back the concatenation

no matter how i push you
you didn't understand me
no matter how i ask you

you didn't face with me
(the distance between us
trying to dodges the past
staring over hillside
hope it will be last)
if only you were here
i need you to be with me
if only you can heal this ill
i need you to go with me

built a memorial hall for you
i hope that you can tell the truth

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