Friday, April 16, 2010

Mommy, it’s raining…,

Day by day
The rain keeps show their face
I was too cold,
That my voice shook when I spoke
Need someone to warm me
Mommy, mommy… please help me
I don’t want to worry you
I don’t want to disturb you, but
I can’t stand anymore
I can’t pretend anymore
This feeling really fuc*in’ my head

You know, mommy
Everything isn’t so good
I love her, mommy
And you love, her
We all love her, mommy
But… sigh, it’s raining again…
And I’m shaking,

It was so stupid
Why it takes so long
I’m sick of it
I’m tired of it
Where is the sun?
I never want it to be like that
I never want to treat her like that, mommy
But I love her, mommy
Because I love her…
It didn’t matter how she fight back
I still love her, mommy
I hope she feels the same…

The rain becomes heavy, mommy
I think it won’t stop
Hmmm…I wish I could stop it
So cold right now

Do I really care about it?
Yes, I do
Because I love you
I always think about you
I always wonder what are you doing
Are you good every time
I always think could I really know you
Do I really know you
Do I really understand you
Do I have enough guts to become someone
Who can make you always smile
And protect you without make you harm
By anybody…,

Heh…seems like I know those words
Do I care?
It shows how I feel
Right now, mommy
Hey…, is it too hard to accept that fuc*in’ sorry for once?

I try my best to keeps her comfort, mommy
But it seems like useless
She never feels it
It really broke my heart, mommy
Really broke my heart…
I never ask her to stand on my feet
I never ask her to say sorry
I just want to ask her
Be in a same boat with me,

Sometime when we do the best
People laughing
Sometime when we do it fake
People also laughing
Is it true, mommy?

The rain has stopped
Just for today, mommy
Maybe it will rain again tomorrow
And I will shake,

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